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Please come and attend our unique conference opportunities . Meet incredible people and experience extraordinary learning opportunities.



At this time, due to our focus on student engagement, Learning Coaches DO NOT NEED TO ENTER ATTENDANCE. Our Principals and Teachers are working with students to simply focus on attending all scheduled class connects and to work daily in their online curriculum. 




Information will be shared Friday, 5/8/2020 through our Principal communications. We will also update on our website. 





Due to the pandemic, there are currently no scheduled district or state assessments scheduled. 

*Our Elementary and HS Remote Learning Plans and Virtual Learning Fact Sheet reviewing very important information discussed on 4/2/20, during our Learning community meeting is now available on our site. Please go to:




If you have any questions regarding our Elementary and High School remote learning plans, or Virtual Learning fact sheet, please don't hesitate to email Dr. Streeter,  Elementary school Principal,  Mrs. Leslie Foster-Ramsey,  High school Principal, Dr. Lamonica Williams,  Learning Coach Principal and Case Manager,  or Ms. Vikki Stokes,  Interim CEO. Please remain safe and well! We need you! We need each other! 


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Hybrid Learning Model

The best of both worlds

The Chicago Virtual Charter School is a public charter school that offers a unique blend of online and face to face. The online learning portion can happen anytime or place with an Internet connection. Our school offers a one-to-one computer device to support the learning environment. The face to face sessions are held once a week at the on site downtown Chicago location in the west loop. As a public school, the Chicago Virtual Charter School is tuition-free. Whether targeting a top-tier, 4-year university, a local community college, or an immediate career, CVCS prepares students to maximize their post-high school success. Teachers and families come together to generate success in each student



Flexibility and Results



"I love CVCS for many reasons! Our teachers are so helpful and supportive! They really understand that every child is unique. I am so thankful that my family has had the opportunity to do cyber schooling at home. It has been such a blessing for us!"


— Parent of CVCS students in kindergarten and grade 4

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