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Monday Motivation Memo (8/19/19)

Dear CVCS Learning Community,

Thank you for your continued patience, partnership and presence. You are pivotal at this juncture. Thank you to those who attended our Town hall meeting last week! We will have another in September! Please remember, this school year, we have several successes to materialize: CPS Remediation plan success, ISBE CIWP implementation, AdvancedEd Review and Charter school renewal. Let's continue to grow, know and show together!

Every Monday, you will receive a message from me updating you on all things CVCS. I want to maximize information for you. Therefore, if there is additional weekly information that must be shared, you will receive a second administrative message on Fridays as well. Please see all below for current, important updates:

Learning Center schedule:

Monday: Freshman and Juniors, 7-8

Tuesday/Wednesday: Elementary School (K-6)

Thursday: Sophomores and Seniors, 7-8


Elementary hours:

AM Session: 8:45-12:15

PM Session: 12:15 -3:45

(Students needing additional intervention will be invited to stay later, after AM scheduled session, 12:15 - 1:00; or come earlier, before PM scheduled session, 11:30 - 12:15 )

HS hours:


(Start and end time depends on student needs.)

(Students needing intervention will receive during their scheduled LC day.)


Learning coaches, you will receive your child's individual schedule before Monday, 8/26/19. Also, welcome calls will continue to serve as gentle reminders.


This year, we are very excited to offer Freshman Orientation!!!!

Freshman Orientation:

8/27/19 and 8/28/19


You will receive an additional reminder email invitation.

HS Onsite and Virtual Registration days: (More information forthcoming this week: Times and specific class days)

8/29/19, 8/30/19, and 9/3/19

You will discuss your individual plan and create/receive schedule.


Welcome Back CVCS sessions/Orientations :



You will attend orientation during your child's Learning Center time, during their first day of attendance. We will also offer two virtual times for those who are unable to attend during the day. Virtual days will be announced on Monday, 8/26/19 in the next CEO Monday Motivation Memo.


K-5 Workbook distribution:

Workbooks will be distributed during the weeks of 9/3/19 and 9/9/19. You will be emailed to alert you when to pick up.


Learning Coach Handbooks:

Handbooks will be released during the week of 9/9/19 virtually. Limited hard copies will be available in the main office.


PLCU (Parent Learning Coach University) and Parent Committee meetings:

September/October calendar will be released the week of 9/9/19.

Let's have an amazing year! It's time to grow, know and show the world our excellence!

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